The Award Tour

The Award Tour website was live between 2008-2011. At some point after 2011 the domain expired. There were several iterations of the site between 2012-2015. The last was for a workout program called P9ox. In 2015 the domain once again became available and it was bought with the intention of recreating as much content from the 2011 archived pages as possible. Phil Annand had a unique vision for the selling of his street wear collection online. There are lots of good memories on this site and we want to share them once again for all fashion Award Tour nostalgia freaks.

I remember the first time I heard about the Award Tour website. I had just left my favorite comic bookstore with a new Batman story. A friend called to tell me about a new website called that has tons of Batman sweatshirts in stock, plus hoodies, gads of t-shirts, tank tops, and even work shirts. "You never have to go a day in hot or cold weather without wearing a Batman design piece of apparel. You should really check it out. And he went on, they have these sublimated prints that are UNBELIEVABLE." I had to look up "sublimated prints" to understand what the printing process was. Apparently it uses heat to transfer dye onto materials that range from fabric to plastic, card, or paper. My head was spinning from imaging the vaunted selection of Batman apparel that was purported to be available. And then I got a text message from a friend saying check out By the time I went online everything was sold out, but I was impressed with the collection of T-shirts and was determined to get some the next time. I have been a follower ever since. I alternated between my expanding Batman collection and selected Award Tour t-shirts. Now, jumping ahead some years, I still have some of my AwardTour beanies, the Award Tour t-shirts have seen better days and now that they are no longer available I can't get more! But Batman is still going strong.


Street Wear Called: The Award Tour 2011

Phil Annand is the man behind the line of street wear called: The Award Tour. The Award Tour online shop is always sold out, a testament to the success of his brand. The last time he dropped a collection it was sold out within 15 minutes. Totally deserved, the collection is always designed and produced by Phil Annand. It’s limited and the line always looks incredibly good.

POSTS From the Desktop

From The Desktop.
Posted at 2:46 am 4th April

Been attacking some fresh sheets of printer paper to put together a shirt for an Award Tour Japan Relief Project. All profits will go straight to Japan Relief efforts just like the last Haiti t-shirts. Will have an update on this later this week! Enjoy the pencil shavings my old friends. Someone called The Good Times blog my “red headed orphan child.” I’ll repeat what I said on Twitter here, Orphan Annie is getting a new dress soon. I didn’t forget about the family.

Posted at 5:33 pm 21st February
The Girard and all new Snipes colorways of the Long John Beanies are up for sale NOW in the Corner Store! Limited to just thirty pieces in each color. Grab one for yourself, grab one for your second cousin twice removed and grab one for your dog. Enjoy!
(Depending on how things go, there may be another, smaller drop for those who can’t make it today. I’ll do my best!)
Posted at 9:24 am     20th February
Look who came back outside to play. Ye olde Long John Stocking Cap is back for more. It’s never too late for another beanie.
Grab ‘em all.
{ “Girard” colorway on the left | “Snipes” colorway on the right. $24.00 USD }
The Girard beanie was so damn popular the last time around I decided to bring it back for everyone who missed out. And to keep things fun for those of you out there who bought every single colorway on the last drop (Bless your souls), we’ve got a brand new “Snipes” colorway in a beautiful gray scale combination. The weather man was talking about snow around here the other day, not to mention it going from 60 degrees to Antarctic nipple freezing cold in a few hours, so it looks like these bad boys still have a solid month of use.
{Girard} Charcoal/White/Gray
{Snipes} Black/Charcoal/Heather Gray
If you have any issues from any past orders, please, shoot me an email so we can get you straightened out before the drop!

Speaking Some Words

Posted at 12:32 pm  18th February
I’m just going to quietly begin typing here and act like I haven’t been on a two month hiatus.
Man, looking back is a crazy feeling. These days I’m neck deep in emails by 10AM and the schedule never seems to get any more clear. Just one more meeting followed by one more class and nothing but the same repeating a whole new 365 days into the future. So when you get a chance to stop in the middle of it all, look back and what you’ve done and take stock of the progress, it’s pretty wild. These pictures are from an event I was asked to speak at around three months ago at my University. I was speaking on a panel next to a Best-Selling Author, the former president of Marvel Comics and now CEO of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the winner of Season 2 of Donald Trump’s Apprentice. Uhhhh. Yeah. “Hi, I’m Phil, I make t-shirts.” Lofty company to say the least.

Besides all of the speaking nonsense, which by the way I held down with a considerable degree of funk, I had the opportunity to set up this massive Award Tour installation in the Rutger’s Student Center. It basically amounted to a time line of Award Tour shirts over the years, and this is when all of the looking back got really crazy. I wouldn’t even touch some of those first shirts I produced, but they were all great in their own ways. There was a reason and inspiration for each of them and I’m happy to say I still have one of almost every single Award Tour shirt ever made. I know some of you out there have collections that rival this, I need to see pictures!
The album cover that (sort of) started it all. I found my Aunt’s old copy of Midnight Marauders in my grandmother’s attic. “Award Tour” was the first song I dropped the needle on and it’s all gone to absolute madness since then. I’ve got four copies of this album now I think, and one that’ still sealed. Big ups to Adam for sending me that!
Unrelease snap back cap samples. Those bad boys had a leather strap in the back and came in Oxford and Seersucker varieties. A few of the most lucky/loyal Award Tour family members got these thrown into their orders a few seasons back. And of course you all remember the very first six panel caps we did. I still wear that Mighty Ducks colorway around campus.
To the left there is my young brother, a man who’s packed many Award Tour shirts in his day, one or two that probably ended up on your door way. Those other characters are my roommates from freshmen year, they’ve seen just about every step of this line documented on a daily basis. Steve, the Indian chap to the left there, is wearing the “Grandma Stripes” shirt that got produced in ultra limited quantities. I believe I did a post on that shirt a long while back, another classic I seem to have misplaced somewhere. I’ve been trying to steal that Miami logo tee from Pat for two years now.
Oh yeah, new Long John Beanies! Tomorrow? Sunday? I don’t know. I’ll do a post soon!

Posted at 3:25 pm  18th  December

It’s that time of year again folks, and just in time for Christmas. The Award Tour Long John Beanies have become a classic and there’s no way we could let these winter months pass without throwing a little bit of knit goodness your direction. Partake and enjoy friends.
You know what the deal is here folks. 100% cotton, heavy duty special ribbed cuffs topped off with classic Award Tour colorways. Snug enough to keep you warm on the mountain tops of Canada or the streets of London. Not to mention anywhere in the good old US of A. I’m going to keep this very simple because I know we’re all dealing with finals, family time, and trying to find Christmas presents for your younger brother who already has everything. Lo and behold, Award Tour has your back with the perfect gifts.

{ $24 USD Retail }
Yup. Tomorrow evening. This time should work out for the vast majority of folks and it will also allow us to TRY to get everyone in the States and maybe Canada and maybe even the UK their beanie by Christmas Day. It’s going to be a harrow experience, but we’re planning on staying up all night Sunday to ship every single beanie first thing Monday morning, after that, it’s up to the good old Postal Service to get everything to your doorstep. So that’s the word on shipping, we’re going to be moving as fast as possible.
KNICKS – Navy/White/Gray (Heavy Knit Cuff)
HUNTER - Hunter/Orange/Gray (Heavy Knit Cuff)
GIRARD – Charcoal/White/Gray (Heavy Knit Cuff)
PRINCETON – Black/Princeton
NEON – Purple/Neon

That’s the word folks! Tomorrow! SUNDAY DECEMBER 19TH 2010 AT 6:00PM EST! In The Cornerstore!
(The Cornerstore link will reset with the new beanies at 6:00PM when the beanies are restocked!)

Fashion Items from The Award Tour

World Champion Powder Clan Capsule Collection
March 2012
New from The Award Tour brand is “World Champion Powder Clan” Capsule Collection with its taut assortment of graphic knits. The collection's strength is showcased in its diverse range of inspiration. Fusing an amalgam of visuals into a unified capsule collection, Phillip Annand’s intention is that it be unspecific, casual and lighthearted. He wants its aesthetic achieved through a range of classic typefaces and clean alpine imagery. The release of the “World Champion Powder Clan” capsule collection is set for March 9 at The Award Tour’s online shop.

The Award Tour Long John Beanies
December 2010
The winter season is upon us. Thank goodness The Award Tour has finally released its traditional long john beanie in a variety of new colorways for Winter 2010. Produced from 100% cotton, the new solid & multi-color beanies feature special heavy duty ribbed cuffs and pom-pom details. Lots of color ways are available. The retail price is set at $24 USD. Available through The Award Tour online store.

The Award Tour "Friends & Family" Lookbook
Sept 30 2010
Take a look into the brand’s latest look book. No specific season is highlighted, but the marketing strategy is focusing on a steady dose of new releases. The line offers a solid range of graphic t-shirts, coming in a variety of short and long-sleeve styles. Overall the "Friends & Family" Lookbook is another well-produced collection. A great series of PR photographs highlight the collection. Goes on sale tomorrow (8:30PM EST) via The Award Tour webstore.

The Long John Beanies
Feb 2010
The Long John beanie returns for Spring 2010 with a bright batch of colorways for the new season. Featuring 100% American knit construction with a heavy duty ribbed cuff, there are four different schemes being offered. Only 120 were produced in total, with a release set for this Friday, February 19th (6:00 PM EST) via The Award Tour web store.